———    MMM Global Infinity IDEOLOGY    ———

The contemporary world is evil. It is heartless, imbalanced and unreasonable. It truly is a world ruled by money. It is not for the everyday people. It is for individuals who generate this money, for the banking institutions and investors, governments and business tycoons. And as a consequence, the unsuspecting members of the public are simply "chips" in this game. They pretty much work as attendants to the major players.

Some important questions you need to ask yourself… How come bankers work far less but get paid a hundred times higher? Precisely what is the backbone of social welfare? Workers. However, why is it that bankers live a quality of life that is 100 times better than the one lived by the masses who genuinely do a lot of work? Do the bankers work harder? Certainly, they do not! Moreover they never even create any sort of material value, compared to the workers. Why then is the disparity in earnings extremely huge?

I know a lot of you are wondering as you read this, thinking to yourselves: "Well…how can you compare a banker and a worker? The banker heads the bank, knows all the powerful people, and has control over money. We, the ordinary people, have no money, no clout, and no power. It’s only natural that the banker should live a better life than we do.

However, I need to let you know that none of this is "natural". Things are only this way because we got used to the status quo. People think to themselves that this is the way they met the world, and this is how it was meant to be. In reality, this is far from the truth, and things can be different!!! I know a pertinent question still remains; why is it that the banker works less, but lives better? Better than the ordinary workers; the miner, woodcutter, oil rigger, or even the factory worker? The reason is simple; the banker always has money. Yes, MONEY! The all-important foundation stone. Maybe we should dig deeper into the world of money.

Money is meant to be the measure of labour, so how come those who do the hardest labour get the lowest pay? How come the world is unfair? We’ve always been told from the cradle that the only way to make money and be successful is work, work, and more work. That we should work hard, and earn money honestly.It sounds ridiculous, really. But what do the billionaires who earned all the billions honestly, and the hard way, have to say about that? It would be interesting to know what they think.

What should we expect for all the work we do? In fact, what do we get at the end of it all? Low wages, small pensions, no rest, and a constant and continuous battle with debts. You’ve lived all your life working for billionaires, building another man’s dreams, you’ve been stripped of all your health, power, and energy, squeezed like a lemon and thrown into a dustbin once you are past your usefulness.

That, unfortunately, is the way of this modern, contemporary world. The terrible reality of our society. This is the way it ends up for a large majority of people. It ended up in much the same way for their fathers and mothers before them, then their grandmothers and grandfathers…and if things stay the way they are, it will be the same for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren…and their own children…and the cycle goes on and on. This is wrong, and so unfair! I hear you say. Some people have everything. They walk in golden slippers, they fly in private jets, while other people can hardly make ends meet, or feed their families, even though the rich and the poor “work honestly”, and we are all supposed to be equal. So, why does it have to be this way?! The answer is simple; we’ve been told a lie, over and over again. A lie that is huge, continuous, and exaggerated. Well-groomed and well-fed masters of life go on TV every day to tell you these lies. Do not believe them.

Believe me when I tell you this; money is not a measure of labour, and people are not equal either. These are the lies we’ve been fed with for far too long. Yet some people decide to trust in the lies, living in an unjust and unfair world. Do you know the reason why they cheat you? So that they can easily control you. Let me show you why everyone is not equal.

Just imagine you are a billionaire or a member of parliament. Then think about the things a billionaire would do; eats differently, lives differently, relaxes in a different way, he spends in a day what you’d spend in a whole year, he goes to a Swiss hospital, his children go to the best and most expensive schools…I can go on and on. Think about this, then tell me if you see any "equality".

Perhaps, by equality you mean equal rights? Yes, equal rights, just like the constitution of most countries in the world says; we all have equal rights. But is this really the case? Yes, you have the right to work, just like the banker. But you earn peanuts while the banker is paid millions and billions. You do all the hard work, while the banker does next to nothing. Is this right?

Well, I can hear you say you have the right to vote, and contest an election. That is actually true. You can vote, that’s fine. But how do you contest an election when you have no money? You need a lot of money to contest elections. Where will you get that money from? You will never earn the required amount of money as a usual worker. So, as an average person, you can’t contest any elections, not to talk of winning one.

The reality is this; there is no equality. There’s only continuous and systematic social inequality. Unfortunately, the sad truth about money is that it is just a tool to keep us in slavery. We are all slaves of money. Or better put; we are slaves to those who print the money.

For all our lives on earth, we have been a part of a slave system that has undergone only cosmetic changes. The slavery is still there, it’s just more sophisticated and civilized. So instead of rusty, steel shackles, like we used to have in the old days, what we have now are invisible shackles. The shackles still exist, but they cannot be seen by the naked eye, they are not holding our wrists or ankles together. Our shackles in the modern world is money.

Essentially, none of us is free. The concept of "Freedom" is just an illusion. So, the whole point of our existence is money. We cannot survive without money. We need shelter, food, and clothing. We need money to move around. We need money for everything, maybe except the air we breathe, but we cannot survive on that alone! So, since we agree that we need money to survive in this world. The next question is; where can we find money? Perhaps, we can earn it?

One of the concepts of immorality we’ve always had is that of prostitution. But have you wondered if trading yourself is immoral? You sell your brains, your strengths, and your time just to work. Is this really different from prostitution? If you argue that people need to work, that we all can’t survive if some people don’t work, I’ll tell you that argument is ridiculous. Just like it was ridiculous when the slaveholders gave the slaves these same answers for why they needed to work…so that the society will not collapse! And we don’t all die of hunger!

I totally agree that it’s necessary for us to work. Give something valuable to society. Otherwise, there will be chaos and the society will not survive. But we need to approach this in a systematic way. First, our work has to be voluntary, not for a dish of soup, and not to justbarely survive. It’s important to do what we enjoy, and enjoy what we do!

Secondly, it should be necessary for everybody to "work"since we are all equals. The situation where some people earn meagre money in the factories and mines, wasting their health while others just sit back, sip on exotic cocktails, and print money, is strange and should be discouraged. This should not be acceptable anywhere in the world. Honestly, there are no excuses or explanations for this state of affairs. Absolutely none!

Money is just a piece of paper, you could even call it a candy wrapper because it is not backed by anything concrete, and apart from that, the printing of money is not restricted, so it can be printed to anyone’s satisfaction and then distributed among the slaving population as the "wages of labor". Whenever they give us an extra wrapper (an increase in salary), we are happy. It is not something to be shocked about. It’s just the bitter reality of this cold world. The financial world is obviously a pyramid!

Let me explain what I mean. The Federal Reserve System of the United States, also known as The Fed, sits at the top of the financial pyramid. This is the organization charged with making dollars. They create as many dollars as they want while obeying their own internal rules and regulations; for instance, they try as much as possible not to manufacture too many dollars so that the currency will not be devalued. However, the reality is that The Fedismostly guided by appropriateness and they are not compelled by any external restrictions on the quantity of dollars to produce.

On the lower level of the pyramid are the central banks of a lot of other countries, then the local banks sit on the lower levels below that. That’s just a simplified explanation reflecting the overall picture of the financial world. One important question is; what is the role of banks? In a figurative manner of speaking, banks are like blood vessels in a social organism through which blood (money) originating from the heart (Central bank) enters all the organs of the organism. Blood (money) cleanses and supplies nutrients to the organs and gives them life…that’s an interesting picture to imagine.

So, why are we, the ordinary people, talking about dollars, and The Fed? It’s simply because there is a direct relationship between us and them. Think about it; the dollar is a global currency. For any Central bank to print its local currency at the desired quantity, it would need permission from the U.S Fed. For instance, a country supplies its resources to the U.S, gets paid in dollars, but then needs to convert those dollars to its local currency. It gets permission from the U.S Fed to print its local currency to the amount of dollars. There is no other way. Especially if that country wants to stay in the IMF, because the IMF will take immediate measures to ensure the country’s currency is not convertible.

Let’s consider this situation. I have been working hard and working long for the benefit of the public, giving it my best and my all. But I have bank loans that I can’t pay off, even my friends are in the same boat. This is eternal credit bondage. We are tied to the banks forever. Is this normal? Obviously not! It is unjust and unfair. Why are we always indebted to the bank? I’ll try and answer this question shortly…

Banks make a fool of the common man. They take advantage of the fact that that we don’t really have the time or the intelligence to figure out their tricky schemes. We are dedicated to making ends meet, feeding our families…just surviving. They know this, so they play on our intelligence.

How do the banks deceive us?

I’ll try and make this as simple to understand as possible. It could be a bit tasking on the brain, after all, it is an elaborate scheme that has been perfected over the centuries by the best minds who only think about themselves and their personal needs, but I’ll try and explain it in the simplest way possible. Let’s paint a scenario with three people in it; James and Solomon, who are friends. Then there is Bill, who is a banker to both James and Solomon. James and Solomon keep their money in Bill’s bank. James is interested in buying Solomon’s bicycle. But he can’t afford it. He has some money, but it is not enough to buy the bicycle – he has only $10, while Solomon wants $100 for the bicycle.

What does James do? Because he’s really interested in the bicycle, he gives Solomon $10 for it as a deposit, with a promise to look for the remaining $90. He runs to Bill, his banker, for a loan of $90. Unfortunately for James, Bill has no money at the moment. He knows Solomon will bring the $10 to the bank anyway, so he tells James to come back the next day.

The next day Solomon takes the $10 to Bill’s bank. The bank lends James the $10. James gives the $10 to Solomon, who takes the money to Bill’s bank once again. The bank lends James the $10 once again…and the cycle continues until James is finally able to pay for Solomon’s bicycle.

In reality, something magical has happened here. The initial $10 from James has turned into $200 (a debt of $190 plus the initial $10)! So what really happens is whatever money we put in the bank circulates from palm to palm through the bank. That’s the way it works!

So what do we have in the world today? Not only the Fed can make money, the banks can produce money too. The banks actually multiply money. Without any kind of control. That explains why the banker lives better. The one who makes the money, definitely, lives like a king!

Poor James owes Bill and his bank $90, and it will never be possible for him to repay the debt owed to Bill’s bank. No matter how hard or how long he worked. So he is a slave to the bank, and in eternal credit bondage. Really and truly, the $90 he owes Bill’s bank don’t exist in nature. He created the money from thin air! With just a click, he turned the initial $10 into $200.

I can here you thinking aloud; but the bank got $100 from Solomon too, so the bank should be indebted to him to the tune of $100. How will the bank pay its debt to Solomon? Surely the bank cannot make any profit in this way? What’s the trick?

The trick is really simple! There are thousands and millions of "Solomons"in the world giving their money to the bank. And what the bank is "banking on" is that there will never be a time when they will all come to get their money at once. If one Solomon comes, the bank will give him money from ten other Solomons (depositors); that’s the way it works. In other words, we can call the debt owed by a bank "Virtual", because it doesn’t really exist in the true sense of it. It exists only in the computer program, or on paper, and the reality is that it will never be repaid. Except for a situation where there’s a financial panic and all the Solomons come to the bank for their money – all at the same time! And the main reason why banks go bankrupt sometimes? Because they don’t have enough money to pay back the depositors! The bank vaults are just 90% thin air.

We need to be worried about our James though, because he now has a mountain of problems. He’s owing Bill’s bank the money he borrowed, with interest and penalties! What James will probably do is take new credits from other banks so that he can repay his old debt. He becomes indebted to these other banks, so he goes ahead and takes loans from other banks again, and the cycle goes on, until James’ death. He is in a credit knot that he cannot get out of. He has entered a financial trap that he cannot escape from. He is a perpetual debtor, and a slave to the banks. All the work he does, and all the wages he gets, will go to the banks to settle his debt, and still he won’t be able to repay everything before he dies. After James’ death, his children and grandchildren will also work for the bank, future servants going through the same ordeal as their father and grandfather. Servants of the inefficient and unjust global financial system that holds sway in the world, and which has resulted in the current ruthless and inhuman structure. Is it possible to destroy this system? Yes, it is! And this is how…

A new, fair and just financial system has to be established!

Financial Armageddon! This is the only thing that can break the financial chains, release us from continuous slavery, and save us all. The Fed will be expunged from power, and they will no longer be able to cultivate social inequality. The banks as we know them will simply disappear. The days of robbing people blind are over. Have you ever asked yourself why banks get interests on the credit they give? There was a time when usury was detested by all countries of the world, but now it’s legal. If somebody takes a loan from the bank for a laudable project, then his efforts need to be rewarded and applauded because what he’s doing is for the benefit of society, including the bankers! The least we can do is to encourage such people by giving them discounts and not to collect huge interests from them.

Anyway, modern banks were set up to meet other demands. Not the demands of the society, or the people, but their own goals. They are hypocritical agents, loyal servants to the Fed, and they are abusing the proceeds of labor of the common people. What the current financial system is doing is attacking us, and destroying us, and then it will do the same to our children, and grandchildren. What we need to do is destroy this financial system and build a new one which is fair, and honest. That’s the only option we have. We are people, not slaves, and we choose to be free!

NOW is the time for freedom. Thanks to MMM Global Infinity, financial Armageddon is unavoidable! It’s just a question of time. The seed has been planted, and it will grow. In fact, it is already growing. At this moment, right now! And it will not die!